… Hides a Sad Soul

Monday 11 December 2006, was the last time I uploaded a mixtape for y’all webcrawlers. Since then I’ve left Her Majesty’s Queendom, settled in sunny old Ghana & had 6 babies with a Swahili princess! LOL!

On the real, anyone who’s got one of my 5 mixtapes knows I loves me some Hip-Hop, Reggae & R&B/Pop-ish. I’m into all sorts of musical styles and genres so this time the “compilation” (not mixtape), I think would be classified Soul with a touch of Funk & R&B.

Most of these tracks are old time classics, some not so old, but all of them were sampled in various tracks by producers for various artists. So you may, or may not, recognize stuff from Ghostface Killah, DipSet, Jay-Z/Roc-A-Fella and The Game to name a few.

The underlying theme I think is Love, mainly of the unrequited kind. Can be sad at times, but it inspires some great music.

I hope you enjoy what is hopefully the first of many. Waiting for n88888 to put his up, until then stay tuned for more R&D stuff & your feedback is greatly appreciated! Peace!

The Man Who Laughs hides a Sad Soul
rapidshare / megaupload)
01 Too Blind To See – Dorothy Moore
02 Castles of Sand – Jermaine Jackson
03 Help! (Somebody Please) – The O’Jays
04 I Can Sing A Rainbow (Love Is Blue) – The Dells
05 I’m Not To Blame – Bobby Byrd
06 Ain’t Gonna Happen – Ten Wheel Drive + Genya Ravan
07 Motherless Child – O.V. Wright
08 Can’t We Try? – Teddy Pendergrass
09 Soon I’ll Be Loving You Again – Marvin Gaye
10 With You – The Main Ingredient
11 Missing You – Diana Ross
12 Aretha, Sing One For Me – George Jackson
13 Yes I’m Ready – Barbara Mason
14 What I’m Waiting For? – The O’Jays
15 Ecstasy – The Ohio Players
16 My Hero Is A Gun – Diana Ross

3 responses to “… Hides a Sad Soul

  1. you hit it hard with the first track

  2. merci!

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