The Cousins R&D bring you… NVNT Studios’ Exposure: The Mixtape

The man of the moment, Kevin Blackmore, is doing it for the love!

The love of the culture that has proliferated every crevice of the globe, it’s bigger than Hip-Hop, it’s all about Hiplife!  Hiplife, i.e. music of various styles Made In Ghana!

On this self-financed non-profit debut from NVNT, we get a taste of 13 artists/acts (including N-Dex, Myth, Mystery Knacks, Ghetto Rep, Kochoko, D-Black, Kwaku T & Reggie Rockstone + more) showcasing styles & influences from Highlife, R&B & the Hip-Hop genres.

Exposure: The Mixtape looks to showcase the many “talents” of various local artists, popular & obscure ones alike.

NVNT Studios are Kevin Blackmore, Raphael Quarcoo & Toby Gloge!

100% for the execution of the idea.  Looking forward to their next offering already!

One can definitely find fault with some of the music, but hey there’re definitely fun tracks on here!!  The genre is in it’s infancy, it only started crawling, let’s support Hiplife as it evolves & grows to become a bonafide genre in its own right & not thrown in with the genre for any act from Africa… “World”.

NVNT Online:
NVNT Facebook GroupKevin Blackmore on FacebookRaphael Quarcoo on FacebookToby Gloge on Facebook

NVNT Affiliates:
GoldandMagic.comG&M/NVNT Youtube Channel

“I say my GH boys put your hands up/ I say my GH girls put your hands up!/ and just rock with it!”

Exposure: The Mixtape
01 Intro – NVNT Crew
02 Gossip – Chase
03 Real Bad Man – Mystery Knacks (are Sconti & Mfimfim)
04 Jump Off – Myth
05 Rapper – Ghetto Rep (are Nova, Loonee & Nash)
06 Move – Kwaku-T & D-Black (of Peer Pressure)
07 Flow Me – N-Dex
08 Ah B U Know (Grind) – Loonee
09 Get It On – Starstruck
10 Bush Girl – Reggie Rockstone
11 Shake It – Kochoko
12 Saggin’ Pants – Kriptic
13 A Milli (freestyle) – Scientific
14 A Skilli (freestyle) – Jayso & the Skillions
15 Outro – NVNT Crew


6 responses to “The Cousins R&D bring you… NVNT Studios’ Exposure: The Mixtape

  1. so proud of u Kev….and some of the tracks are really on point…Gossip and Chale ma me fans to name a few

  2. Congratulations to Kevin and Raphael! the production is very good. the mixtape is a mixer of Hiplife and HipHop which is the first of its kind in Africa. Its fun to listen to and one can tell the love and passion this guy put into it although it had no material motive behind. however I would like to hear more of the Afro beats. there were times that i felt I i was listen to an Atlanta track. Am expecting the next CD to be much better than this. The mixtape is a must have and we should all be expecting more good tunes from Kevin.

  3. Ur collections ar quite intimadatin cus to hav all those stars for our consumptions,d least said d better….whn ar goin to update more collectios for us

  4. Yep Man Keep de Fuse up blazing…& Gh 4 de world ..tataei

  5. Keep it up Kevin but I will luv to Know ya contact and how i can get in touch with ya and lock ya studio or betta still Ya person contac so dat i can meetya Kevin BM
    Hope to Hear 4rm Ya suun…1luv

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