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“Broken Language” by M3nsa featuring Wanlov [aka FOKN Bois]

Arise Illustration: tweaked!

Arise Illustration: tweaked!

“this beat be craaaazy…” get it here or here

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if it sounds familiar or you wondered, it was inspired by…

Mr. Hudson & The Library (Live)

Amazing, amazing piano set.

QoQ/5 On It… 911s & Headache

911s & Headache

911s & Headache

In round two of our QoQ mini mix series we ditch the crooning, the hip and the hop and go for some electronic action. This is the kind of after-midnight-music you want to nod your head to while twittering.

QoQ/5 On It: 911s & Headache
01 – Portishead – Machine Gun
02 – M.I.A. – 20 Dollar
03 – The Knife – Silent Shout
04 – Stanton Warriors – Hope Time
05 – General Midi – Never Gonna Stop the Show (Dylan Rhymes Mix)


PS: The download contains individual tracks and a continuous mix.

Stevie Wonder on the Talkbox

N-Dex – Gimme Blow (Unofficial Remix)

i be dada-b, u are just a hater, your house get light of cause you bust your generata

Lil’ Wayne ft Kanye West – Lollipop Remix

Safe sex is great sex, better wear a latex
‘Cause you don’t want that late text
That “I think I’m late,” text

Lil’ Wayne ft Kanye West – Lollipop Remix

Don’t worry why my wrist got so freeze
Tell a girl like Doritos that’s nacho {not your} cheese