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R&D Music presents… Grey: The Facebook Promo

Grey (formerly of The Mobile Boys)

The cousins R&D are proud to be able to bring you 4 exclusive pre-mixtape/pre-album Grey leaks!  If you are into your Hiplife and you do not know Grey – you do not know Hiplife!  Trust us, it’s that simple!

For more on Grey including some video footage, check out or

Get acquainted with this underground street star on his mainstream come up hustle – get this promo & spread the word!

Stay tuned for the next R&D Grey exclusive!

Grey FB Promo AlbumArt

Grey: The Facebook Promo
01 Born to Be A Star [ft. Nii]
02 Mic Check
03 I Can’t Breathe [ft. Tinny]
04 Still Grey!

The Cousins R&D bring you… NVNT Studios’ Exposure 2!


NVNT’s back at it!  Giving Ghanaian music & her artists Exposure!  There’s not much I want to say on this… it’s simply bigger & better!  Features new music from a whole host of names like Gibril Da African, M3nsa, Reggie Rockstone, Wanlov The Kubolor, Jayso, J-Town, N-Dex, Gemini, Boy Nash, Loonee, Mystery Knacks + a whole host of rappers & r&b singers, both established & those creeping on a come up!  Of course we @ R&D are proud to bring you Part 2!!  It’s a very worthy follow up indeed!  Do check it out! Peace!




Get NVNT’s Exposure 1: HERE!

COMING SOON to R&D: Ghana Refix by Wanlov with Kwabena Jones

“Broken Language” by M3nsa featuring Wanlov [aka FOKN Bois]

Arise Illustration: tweaked!

Arise Illustration: tweaked!

“this beat be craaaazy…” get it here or here

– – –

if it sounds familiar or you wondered, it was inspired by…

5 On It | Boogie Down Asokpo

OK we’re back @ it! Bringing you new asokpo finds from digging in the web crates.

001  Kylie Minogue – Heart Beat Rock [rmx ft. Spank Rock]
002  The-Dream – Falsetto [rmx]
003  Afrikan Boy – L.A.G.O.S.
004 King Ayisoba – My Friend, My Friend [rmx]
005 Three 6 Mafia – Sippin’ On Some Sizzurp [ft. UGK][rmx]


QoQ/5 On It… Ghana

5-on-ghanaGhana: The first of the R&D QoQ/5 On It mini-mixtapes!

What is QoQ?  Acronym for Quality over Quantity.

With everything the cousins R&D try to get done in our lives, coming up with full length mixtapes regularly can be a bit much.  So the “QoQ/5 On It” series is going to bring you a mini-mixtape every week, with 5 tracks each time.

As you know our track selection for mixtapes can be pretty random, as long as we’re digging it, we’re sharing it!  So expect oldies, classics, varied genres & styles & exclusives when we can!  Basically music you will hopefully enjoy!

So since we rep to the fullest, our first offering in the series is Ghana.  5 tracks from 5 of some the hottest artists on the local music scene.  Watch out for these 5 in 2009 – BIG THINGS!

Irene Logan, now a solo artist, is looking to make her mark on African R&B.  She features Asem on her smash single “Run Away“.  She is signed to Lynx & with a stellar team behind her, expect greatness!

Sarkodie, with a new album released hot off the press this Easter weekend gone, is a lyrical force to contend with! His song “Borga” features J-Town on the hook, it is a solid offering from is consistent debut LP “Makye”.  The album also features Sway DaSafo, R2Bees, Jayso & many more.

Ayigbe Edem, a “country man” after my own heart, with his confident flow & great swagger, is asking “where the ladies at?” on “Nyornuviade“.  Anyone who knows ladies knows pairing with Kwabena Kwabena can only be a good thing!

Macho Rapper, the self proclaimed “only Macho Rapper in West Africa”.  Macho Rapper is an underground artist I want to shed light on, his music is fun & I love the whole Macho thing – LOL!  On “Twi Pop” a yet to be released underground hit featuring Castro the Destroyer & Wanlov the Kubolor.  Heavyweight co-signs for this unsigned artist!

Sonni Ballie, has been away for a minute – now he’s back!  This time without Slim Buster, but solo with “When You’re Gone“.  A track on heavy rotation on my iPod!  Samini better come correct or make way for the new king of GH Reggae!

QoQ/5 On It: Ghana
01 Irene Logan – Run Away [ft. Asem]
02 Sarkodie – Borga [ft. J-Town]
03 Ayigbe Edem – Nyornuviade [ft. Kwabena Kwabena]
04 Macho Rapper – Twi Pop [ft. Wanlov the Kubolor & Castro da Destroyer]
05 Sonni Ballie – When You’re Gone


PS: Sarkodie & Ayigbe Edem have albums out… BUY THEM!  If you can’t find them, get in touch & the lovely people @ R&D will try & hook you up!


R&D present Made In Ghana


R&D present Made In Ghana

“I dey rosh!!”

Another blast from the cousins R&D, again we’re bringing you a collection of music from Ghanaian artists!

Up Hiplife! LOL

There’re some oldies on there, some exclusives (Mensa, Ocra, Mr. MaXXX, Sarkodie) and some recent hits that we can’t get enough of!

“I Dey Mad” a song I thought was by some Nigerian artists turned out to be a duo of local boys from Tema!  I can’t tell you how much I’ve been bumping it, it’s just a fun track!

Now to “Let Me Thrill You”, the artist knows how much this track blows me away!  Makes me want to go get me a life partner to bump this with!

“… Let me take care of you/ i wanna lace you with diamonds & pearls/ cos you’re such a special girl/ kiss you & let your little toes curl/ …” 

I have to mention “Agyuma”, bomb-ass track coming off Mensa’s next effort!  Anthem for all the workers out there, “It takes grinding to be a king!”

Enter Sarkodie, the “Lyrical Kasa-hari”, one word sums him up – FIRE!!!  Don’t take my word for it, check out his “So Hood” freestyle!

Check out the boy N-Dex jacked the beat & laced a verse to “Gimme Blow”, also features on “Tight Squeeze” – calling people out & shit!  🙂  I must add for once I was feeling Kweku-T on a track!  He’s good when he raps in Pidgin, I think.

Obour’s youth empowerment track is a banger!!  It HAD to be on here!  Ghana votes on the 7th of December 08!

Blastmasters: Tinny/ N-Dex/ Papa Nii/ Kweku-T/ Kunta Kinte/ Mr. MaXXX/ Asem/ Mensa/ Sarkodie


PS>  If I forgot to put Castro da Destroyer on here I would have had a hex put on me by Yvette! LOL.  Also I can’t forget to mention my boys Gerald & Gyo the Phamous People!  Thanks for the tracks I stole off you!  Big up for making people Phamous with the fly videos y’all put together for them!  More grease…

“Twe/ twe/ twe/ twe-dieh eh wo wi-amu!” LOL


R&D presents Made In Ghana:
001 I Dey Mad – R2Bees
002 Agyuma – Mensa
003 Push – Sarkodie
004 Let Me Thrill You [ft. Mensa] – Mr. MaXXX
005 Do It [ft. Reggie Rockstone] – Ocra
006 Tight Squeeze! [ft. Kweku-T, N-Dex & etc] – Jay Follie
007 If I was the President! – Obour
008 Gimme Blow [rmx ft. Richie, Tinny, Nsem, Kunta Kinte + others &  N-Dex] – Asem
009 εyε Mufε – Castro da Destroyer
010 I Dey Rosh! – Papa Nii Da King
011 Ride Da Punany – Freddie Funkstone
012 So Hood (freestyle) – Sarkodie
013 Mining Song – Skillions