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COMING SOON to R&D: Ghana Refix by Wanlov with Kwabena Jones

YouTHRU? = YouTube Mashups by Kutiman

YouThru screen grab

YouThru screen grab

definitely random, but way far from foolish!  you MUST check YouTHRU out! << CLICK!!!!

click on image for blog post on YouTHRU.

PS> Happy 52nd Birthday Ghana!

Indian TV LOL: How Can She Slap?!?!?!

It all went down on a show called “Dadagiri” — the self-proclaimed meanest show on TV — one that involves contestants who have to recreate the first day of college … bullies and all. The woman in the video is Isha the Goddess — her job is to insult the contestants…

You know I had to hit you with the remix!!…. LOL

i’m a fool for this, but i had to…LMAO @ the remix!!!!

God forgive me!!  LMAO!!!

remix!  LOL!

original (this time with killer subs!):

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i just had to…