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Grey – Grey Dawn: The Mixtape

Grey Dawn album art

The wait is over!

It’s finally here, exclusively on RandD & GhanaMixtapes!  Grey, formerly of “The Mobile Boys” with his first official full length mixtape “Grey Dawn”!

Check out Grey online here: Facebook Fan pageTwitter

The 19 track mixtape features Obibini, Rakimlist, Rocky, Stone Boy, Tinny, Nii, Chimney, Pope Skinny and check out Eazzy on the bonus baby!

01 The Mobile Boys Past: The Intro
02 Walk With Me
03 H.I.P.L.I.F.E.
04 Still!
05 Quickies
06 I Can’t Breathe
07 No, No, No
08 Envy (freestyle)
09 Everlasting Groove
10 Four Paddies
11 Free (freestyle)
12 Wrong Man
13 Mic Check (freestyle)
14 Woni Car
15 I Dey Feel You
16 H.S.B. (Hiplife Suggestion Box)
17 Born To Be a Star
18 Mpaebo
19 (unofficial remix bonus track)


J-Town’s J-Mixes

Did I mention that RandD was back with a vengeance?  Hehe!  Here’s another one!

[frame title=”” href=”” src=”https://randd.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/jtwon.jpg?w=500&h=493″ width=”500″ height=”493″ type=”center” target=””]

Our Skillion brother J-Town is offering his blend of remixes plus a freestyle or two.

Do check it out…


01 Intro
02 Summertime (freestyle)
03 Take Your Shirt Off (J-Mix)
04 Ghetto (freestyle)
05 EveryGirl (J-Mix)
06 Throw It In The Bag (freestyle)
07 How Low (freestyle)
08 Say Aah (J-Mix)
09 Forever (freestyle)
10 Say Something (J-Mix)
11 Birthday Sex (J-Mix)
12 Turned Up (freestyle)
13 Get Money (J-Mix)
14 Say What’s Real (freestyle)
15 Outro


The Cousins R&D bring you… NVNT Studios’ Exposure 2!


NVNT’s back at it!  Giving Ghanaian music & her artists Exposure!  There’s not much I want to say on this… it’s simply bigger & better!  Features new music from a whole host of names like Gibril Da African, M3nsa, Reggie Rockstone, Wanlov The Kubolor, Jayso, J-Town, N-Dex, Gemini, Boy Nash, Loonee, Mystery Knacks + a whole host of rappers & r&b singers, both established & those creeping on a come up!  Of course we @ R&D are proud to bring you Part 2!!  It’s a very worthy follow up indeed!  Do check it out! Peace!




Get NVNT’s Exposure 1: HERE!

The Cousins R&D bring you… NVNT Studios’ Exposure: The Mixtape

The man of the moment, Kevin Blackmore, is doing it for the love!

The love of the culture that has proliferated every crevice of the globe, it’s bigger than Hip-Hop, it’s all about Hiplife!  Hiplife, i.e. music of various styles Made In Ghana!

On this self-financed non-profit debut from NVNT, we get a taste of 13 artists/acts (including N-Dex, Myth, Mystery Knacks, Ghetto Rep, Kochoko, D-Black, Kwaku T & Reggie Rockstone + more) showcasing styles & influences from Highlife, R&B & the Hip-Hop genres.

Exposure: The Mixtape looks to showcase the many “talents” of various local artists, popular & obscure ones alike.

NVNT Studios are Kevin Blackmore, Raphael Quarcoo & Toby Gloge!

100% for the execution of the idea.  Looking forward to their next offering already!

One can definitely find fault with some of the music, but hey there’re definitely fun tracks on here!!  The genre is in it’s infancy, it only started crawling, let’s support Hiplife as it evolves & grows to become a bonafide genre in its own right & not thrown in with the genre for any act from Africa… “World”.

NVNT Online:
NVNT Facebook GroupKevin Blackmore on FacebookRaphael Quarcoo on FacebookToby Gloge on Facebook

NVNT Affiliates:
GoldandMagic.comG&M/NVNT Youtube Channel

“I say my GH boys put your hands up/ I say my GH girls put your hands up!/ and just rock with it!”

Exposure: The Mixtape
01 Intro – NVNT Crew
02 Gossip – Chase
03 Real Bad Man – Mystery Knacks (are Sconti & Mfimfim)
04 Jump Off – Myth
05 Rapper – Ghetto Rep (are Nova, Loonee & Nash)
06 Move – Kwaku-T & D-Black (of Peer Pressure)
07 Flow Me – N-Dex
08 Ah B U Know (Grind) – Loonee
09 Get It On – Starstruck
10 Bush Girl – Reggie Rockstone
11 Shake It – Kochoko
12 Saggin’ Pants – Kriptic
13 A Milli (freestyle) – Scientific
14 A Skilli (freestyle) – Jayso & the Skillions
15 Outro – NVNT Crew


retro/tape: Devoid of Pop!

so it’s November 2006 & ayigbeboy is feeling guilty about all the booty bouncing hip-pop he’s been churning out…

I thought the previous compilations I uploaded were a bit too pop, so I thought I’d go a bit more esoteric with what my boy J-Mozzi may call “real hip-hop” 🙂

It’s got an interesting mix, I had fun putting this together. Old, new & a couple of surprises.

I hope you enjoy it.

Before I forget, there’s a bonus track on there, I couldn’t help myself! Merry Christmas from ayigbeboy & DipSet!

01 Intro: Smile You On Camera
02 Follow The Light – Dungeon Family
03 I Have A Dream – Common
04 Think About It – Snoop Dogg
05 Shake Your Laffy Taffy – Free Speech
06 Blak Is Blak [radio edit] – The Mau Maus + Mos Def, Canibus, Charli Baltimore, MC Serch, Mums, DJ Scratch & Gano Grills
07 Afrique – Tumi
08 [freestyle] Welcome To Ghana! – Wanlov
09 In This Life – Jimmy Screech
10 K.F.F. 2000 – Nigo + GZA/Genius & Prodigal Son
11 [freestyle] BET Awards 2006 – Remy Ma, Saigon, Sway & Rhymefest
12 Clean Slate – Waajeed
13 MC’s Act Like They Don’t Know – KRS-One
14 Wassup Jo’ – Naledge & Double
15 Desire – Pharoahe Monch
16 The Ugly Show – Black Ice
17 Ghost Is Back! [radio Edit] – Ghostface Killah
18 Black Republicans – Nas + Jay-Z
19 [Bonus Track]

download: megaupload