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Fela Kuti – Viva Africa rmx

It’s Kwame Nkrumah’s centenary & to commemorate, we thought we’ll share this gem directed by Gbenga Salu. Although a non-Ghanaian, RandD thought we must celebrate his efforts! Gbenga is fast becoming Nigeria’s go-to-guy for fresh out o’ the box international standard videos! Google him!

Artist: Fela Kuti
Title: Viva Africa
Remixed by: Afrologic
Director: Gbenga Salu

I.G.H.O. – 9ja Boyz

As much as my love life maybe leaving a bitter taste, I have much love for my Nigerian bros & sisters, they’re quick to embrace technology & “flair” when creating their music & related videos. While we Ghanaians are still standing next to flower pots &/or Nim trees in or vids! LOL, nah we’re not as bad but not far from! 🙂

This is one catchy track, a bit too westernized but a bumping track!

how far? you sabi this 9ja boy?
I get game! you never sabi say we dey ron things?

how far? to all my 9ja boyz – salute!
all my 9ja boyz – ah yahoo!