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Kweku Ananse pours “Libation”

Dedicated to family, friends, gods, ancestors, descendants & the global audiophile massive, Kweku Ananse, a Pidgen Music in-house producer, has released Libation an eclectic mix of Afrobeat sounds.

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The genre he calls Neo-Juju is a very ethnic chill out experience you need to check out. For more info check out: his MySpace or email kanase@gmail.com.

Happy listening!

01 Nwomkro Jam 2.0 – Psychedelic Nwomkro Allstars
02 Access Zinabu – Bondzie Keys (aka M3nsa)
03 Don’t Do the Bad Thing [Opoku On Keys mix] – King Ayisoba
04 Sunshine Day [DNB rmx] – Osibisa
05 Rocket Ship [West African Orbit mix] – One Be Lo
06 Broken Language [Ananse clean mix] – FOKN Boiz
07 Hustle Hustle [Ananse Favela Hussle mix] – Akwadaa Nyame
08 Africa Unite [Ananse mix] – Scientific
09 Star of Africa – Grave Digga
10 Water – Anjolee the Beautiful
11 Eye Adaba [Ananse mix] – Asa
12 Sheggin Agoro – Duke Lumumba
13 Libation – West African Breakbeat Ensemble